Client: DoD Military Ranges


DoD required the development of a software repository of common software libraries and utilities to greatly accelerate the development and deployment of military systems.

  • The repository would allow the reuse of key components such as tracking engines, sensor interfaces, processing modules, decision support systems, operator displays, databases, and toolsets in the new system without extensive software coding.


Sierra assembled a team of software engineers with a vast amount of experience in developing range-related applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) to develop the software repository widely used today.

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The software repository features include the following four main components:

  • Standard Parameter Classes (SPC)—a configurable data translation/conversion that provides an easy way to create and interpret data messages and parameters contained within those messages.
  • Transaction Management System (TMS)—a configurable control interface that speeds up and assists in the development of standardized and reconfigurable TMS applications.
  • Data Distribution System (DDS)—a real-time data distribution service (publish/subscribe) based on ubiquitous TCP/IP technology that abstracts the specifics of the network programming and protocols, accelerating the development process for application programmers.
  • Protocol Handler (PH)—a wrapper for the DDS that provides a user configurable connection capability.


  • Military capabilities will be significantly improved because of the ability to leverage software engineering work performed across the entire DoD, and by allowing end users to assemble systems from components that best fit mission needs.
  • The reuse of configurable components will greatly reduce the direct cost of software development and maintenance as well as the high acquisition costs associated with the development of new C4ISR systems that are built from the ground up.

Sierra Management and Technologies, Inc., is a small, disadvantaged, minority-owned business.